What is cryptocurrency?

The digital payment system, known as Cryptocurrency or Crypto, does not rely on banks to verify transactions and stores currency in electronic digital wallets. It is a peer-to-peer system that allows anyone, from any location, to send and receive money and got its name since it utilizes encryption to check exchanges. Cryptocurrency payments are merely digital entries in an online database that describe specific transactions rather than being actual money that is carried around and exchanged in the real world.

“Crypto Just Became Real Estate’s Hottest New Thing. Here’s What That Means For Buyers, Sellers and, Developers.” – Forbes, May 2022

Bitcoin (BTC), which was created in 2009 and is still the most well-known
cryptocurrency today, was the first cryptocurrency. BTC hit all time high at $69K with market value of $1T+ and the total digital asset market was over $3T in November 2021.

The combined market value of the world’s Bitcoins totals over $400.62B and Ethereum totals over $199.4B.




Blockchain technology is typically used to create cryptocurrencies, the term “blockchain” refers to the method by which time-stamped transactions are recorded in “blocks”. Although it is a technically rather difficult process, the end result is a digital ledger of cryptocurrency transactions that is difficult to alter.

Purchase with Crypto

1. Buyer Offer letter
2. Closing Statement
3. Crypto Deposit Payment (date)
a. Dalton Group white gloves digital asset exchange
4. Property Close (Final Crypto Deposit amount)
a. Dalton Group white gloves digital asset exchange
5. Dalton Group > Wire to Legal Escrow account
6. Escrow > Wire to Seller bank account


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